Friday, March 24, 2006

A Fun Exchange between a Spurs fan and Mavs fan

My friend Chris is a big Mavs fan, and he like to talk smack about the Spurs. So I had to put him in his place.

Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2006 11:46 PM
Subject: Spurs/Mavs

Just wanted to be the first to let you know: Dallas: 89 San Antonio: 98

Nowitski : 28 pts 11 reb
Dampier: 6 pts 8 reb
Terry: 23 pts 1 ast

San Antonio:
Parker: 23 pts 4 ast
Ginobili: 8 pts 2 ast 1 st
Duncan: 15 pts 2 ast 6 rebs
Bowen: 11 pts 8 reb 3 ast

Don’t even ASK about Mohammed; he had two dunks over Dirk AND Dampier!
Looks like I was right…your team sucks.
Enjoy the tie for the division; your schedule is gonna be tough from now on.

Have a great day!


“the tie for the division “

“your team sucks“

Do these two quotes go hand in hand?

They shot thirty-six free throws. – Home field advantage.

“It was a big game for us and there was definitely a playoff atmosphere out there. They are a good team and it is a good win for us.“ –Tony Parker

He disagrees with your perception of Dallas.

We got one more to tie up the season, we’ll be there.



No, he doesn’t disagree. He’s just being a good sportsman. What, he’s
gonna tell WB 4 or WFAA that the Mavs blow hard? Come on, buddy. As for
the free throw “difference”, here’s some stats: The two main slashers
for each team got their allotted amount, since they take it to the hoop:

Dirk – 10-10 FTM-A, 37 mins

Terry- 8-8 FTM-A, 40 mins

Parker 7-8 FTM-A, 39 mins

Duncan 4-11 FTM-A, 38 mins (Everyone and their grandma knows TD sucks at the line almost as much as Shaq)

main reason your boys trailed the Spurs in free throws is because they
didn’t take it to the hoop. And that’s what I said would happen. Even
Steve Kerr said something about it in the third quarter when Stackhouse
decided to grow a pair and drive it in, saying that Avery told him it’s
time to take it and stop settling for outside J’s. Your guys are just
kitty cats. Hell, even Marquis Daniels was 1-3, Van Horn was 3-8 (but
he’s just overcompensating for a lost J these days), and Stack was 3-10
(8 attempts in the second half) FTM-A.

And as for your “one more chance”, they meet again in San Antonio next month. Good luck with all that.

Try again.

Subject: RE: Spurs/Mavs

Look, if you want to act like a
punk, you’re going to have to call in to Colin Cowerd on ESPN radio. He
likes to hear from punks like you that can’t see anything except their
blinding love for the home team.

Houston – Bad Team
New Orleans (OK) – Bad Team
New York – Bad Team
Detroit – Good Team
San Antonio – Good Team
Dallas – Good Team

up out of baby land and accept teams for what they are. You don’t just
walk over Dallas anymore in the NBA even if you’re “we love Duncan” San

Oh, and with the free throws, Dallas doesn’t have to
take it to the hoop and play trash ball because they are one of the
only teams left that actually still knows how to shoot outside the

See if you can get some cheap tix, let’s go to the game Apr. 7.



Whoa, there, son. I’m not a Homer. I’m a basketball fan. I am the only one that realizes that over the past 26 games, the Mavs’ opponents have a .512 winning percentage, vs. .545 for the Spurs’. Yes, I am talking smack, but I also realize the Mavs don’t suck as bad as I say. But they’re not quite deserving of all the attention they’ve been getting lately. So before everyone gets all gushy (too late) over how the Mavs are the sexy pick out of the West, how about taking a deep breath and looking at who they beat during their “impressive” 2006:

Portland W (suck)
Minnesota L (suck)
Denver W ot (kinda good, but OT?)
Minnesota W (revenge felt good, huh?)
At Boston W (East team=suck)
At NY L ot (ouch) (Man, you let Isaiah beat you? With that mess?)
NJ W (East team=suck)
At Houston W (Without Yao or McGrady=super suck)
At LA Clips W (Good, but they’re the Clippers for Chrissakes!)
At Portland W (Lucky you got a road trip against the cellar dwellers)
At Golden State W (Halfway decent, but they had just gotten off a big road trip, too. But I’ll give you that one.)
At Seattle W (Oh my God, they’ve got Bob Hill at the helm! AAAAAHHHHHH! And they suck.)
Utah W (In a neck-and-neck battle for 8th place in the West with Kobe.)
Chicago W (Somehow they suck, even with Ben Gordon and Chris Duhon. Oh wait, nevermind; I just remembered they’re in the East.)
At Memphis W (Dude…it’s Memphis. 8th place last year in the West.)
Seattle W (sigh…)
LA Lakers W (I will admit, this was impressive, given that Kobe didn’t drop 62 on you again.)
At Denver L (Earl Boykins just dunked on Jason Terry AGAIN.)
NY W (Yeah, that’s a stretch.)
Washington W (For some reason Arenas decided he wasn’t going to drive; but good one here, too.)
LA Clippers W (So you’re 2-0 vs. the Clips. Congratulations. Maybe by the playoffs Cassell’s hip will pop out.)
Memphis W (Getting tired of these crappy teams, yet?)
Toronto W (Had to overcome at 25 point deficit for this one…in OT!)
Philly W (Good job here. Seriously.)
San Antonio L (Good fight, but once again, the lack of defense bites you in the butt.)

So there you go, pal. Not only am I a Spurs fan, but I can back it up:

Our 2006 losses: Phoenix (they will beat you Sunday), Detroit (you too), Denver (you lost to them as well), Cleveland (they just wanted to see BronBron do his thing), and Philly (again, I must give you your props here. You beat them. We didn’t.)

See? Now I can’t be accused. You beat 4 playoff teams from the East and 4 from the West. You lost to 2 of those teams, and to 2 bottom feeders. We went the same in 2006. You cannot (and I can’t stress this enough) claim the best in the West until you beat Phoenix this Sunday, us next month and Detroit, Cleveland and NOKC. IF you win then, I will pat you on the back.

Until then, enjoy your current streak: Lost 1.



I’ll be in touch.


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