Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Holy crap, my sides hurt. Bill Simmons is my favorite sportswriter from He's got a very funny narrative style that is just like talking with your buddies while drunk at Minute Maid. He's so funny that my sister even likes him, and she knows less about sports than my wife does! Anyway, he's just posted his latest mailbag, and I swear, if I read it every day for the next year, it won't be enough.

Here ya go.

Also, he mentions Jennifer Love Hewitt once again. Here's a past link to a column of his about JLH from one of my previous posts about this subject. While we're here, Jennifer went off about JLH once again this weekend. Mike called me and said he was watching Deal or No Deal, and he said that he started to watch Ghost Whisperer, but JLH's breasts weren't enough to save the show for him, so he flipped. Jen heard this, and she just goes nuts: "She SUCKS! Why do you talk about her! AAAHHHH!" Mike and I couldn't stop laughing. Classic.


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