Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tom DeLay is smarter than he looks.

Don't get me wrong; I am so excited that he's leaving. It's just that now he's removed some of the ammo from the Democrats' arsenal come November. What I mean is that he was going to be the lightning rod for the whole election. Now that he's gone, no more DeLay bashing. But I'm sure the Dems will still hem and haw over how corrupt the Reps are, DeLay or no DeLay. However, I think this could work in the Dems' favor. For some reason, these events end up snowballing and take out more people than originally intended/thought. So I see a couple of things happening between now and say September:

1. Bill Frist or another high-profile Republican will go down or resign amid scandal. I don't know what scandal, but I'm sure the Abramoff thing will rear it's head someime down the road. Don't be surprised if Big-Hair Kay Bailey-Hutchinson gets embroiled in this thing, too.

2. The Dems will win control of either the House or Senate, but not both. Die-hard conservatives won't let that happen. But they will lose a little bit of faith after the last two years' turmoil, what with Iraq and the Bushies kind of turning their backs on the Right-Wing Christians. Those people will make them pay.

So we'll see how this thing turns out. But mark my words: The Republicans are losing their death grip on this country, finally. At least, I hope they are.


At Fri May 05, 11:22:00 AM CDT, Anonymous not_so_blissfully_ignorant said...

This comment is off topic of the blog post, but hey, I have a question, and I need some answers! Your blissfully ignorant sister is wondering what happens after this round of hand to hand combat and the Spurs hand the Sacramento team (whatever they're called) their asses to them. Huh? Who might they play next? And what are the stakes? What round of the playoffs is this?


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