Saturday, May 13, 2006

While I do love sports to an almost unhealthy degree, my true love lies with music. Well, after my wife. But she and I are musicians. No, not the hippie, weed-smoking type that have no motivation in life; we're legitimate, classically-trained musicians that have jobs. We just happen to be teachers of the art that we love. Of course, since she's an actual band director, and I am a transient gypsy (or private lesson teacher; whichever), I guess we can be called sell-outs. But wait! We still embrace cutting-edge composers, avant-garde performance ensembles and students that are willing to take a risk. But we do have to earn a living.

What's my point? Well, tonight Jen and I listened to some great music on our respectable home theater system. (I guess this means I'll have to post something soon about what I've got in my system. Let's just say I'm not craving anything in that department right now.) We listened to Holst, Maslanka, Ron Nelson, John Adams, and Astor Piazzolla. Now, I've gotta tell ya, there's nothing like listening to Maslanka's Symphony #4. Absolute brilliance or insanity, depending on whether you're under the influence while listening. Hearing the First Suite in E Flat by Holst sends me into the rejuvenation stage of my teaching career all over again. Jen felt the same way. And the #4, well, let's just say that we're officially back in the David Maslanka fan club.

Okay, so I'm too lazy to give you links to what I've been talking about. But give me a break; it's 2:45 am, and I have to go with Jen to UofH tomorrow morning for the Symphonic Band to record once again for Honor Band. Maybe I'll just give her a ride to the school, come back, take a nap, go to Houston, drive around looking for a good golf bag, and then catch the performance at noon-ish. But I've heard so much HS band lately, it's kinda like getting a big plate of pancakes at IHOP: They kick ass at first, but after the 2nd pancake, you may as well be chewing your own foot.

So that's all. Oh, and the Astros finally won tonight. They went 1-6 on their road trip, Brad Lidge is officially sucking balls, and the rest of the pen isn't exactly lights out, either. Hell, even the Red Sox got blanked by the Rangers (mixed bag, I know...). Well, maybe this first win in the 9-game homestand will get them off to a good start.

Good night...


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