Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Finally played at Mansfield National Monday afternoon, and made some pretty good shots. Only hit par on one hole, the par-3 #12. Favorite hole was #8, a par-4. The total cost was $27, which is any day after 2pm. Good deal if you ask me.

Also played today at Fossil Creek with Jennifer's co-worker, David. I actually did really well. Par'd the first hole we played, #3, since we skipped the first two, due to the first two being taken up and it was 4:30. So par on 3, then kept hitting good shots. I was on a roll. Overall my best round yet, but didn't keep the scorecard. My favorite hole, #6, was great. Had a great drive using my 3-wood, then my second shot was an easy 6-iron above the wall, but I hit it too hard, and ended up past the green inside a sandless bunker. A nice chip put me on the green, and I putt it in for par. Best time on that hole yet. Overall, a nice round!

Trying to plant the seed for some decent clubs. I've been playing with some pawn shop specials I got in Longview last April, and they suck. They're knockoff custom clubs, "Turbo Power HKI". Googled them, and they turned out to be some generic clubs that are "similar" to some Cleveland clubs, but they aren't, believe me. I need clubs with a wider sole to ease up my ground shots, and my long irons are unbelievably difficult to hit. I'm just now, a year later, getting to the point where I can confidently hit my 3-iron, but I'm nowhere near the distance I should be getting with those numbers. I have a 6-iron Ping G2, and it's my favorite. I can hit that thing about 120 yards confidently and consistently, 140 with some oomph and wind. But those sets are expensive. So I'm looking around online, and it seems that the Nike NDS are the ones for me. Unless I go to a real shop and they recommend something different, that's what I've got my eye on. Golfsmith has 'em on sale for $249, and I'm going to start calling around for used sets. I'm also scouting out pawn shops for decent sets, but it's really hard for a lefty to find decent used clubs. Any suggestions on clubs?

So I think I'm done for the week, and may not be able to play until Sunday afternoon, if Jen will let me. Thinking about going to Cross Timbers in Azle, since they have a cheap special going on, and I think that I can do better there this time around.

Have fun out there.


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