Friday, May 26, 2006

New Yahoo! Maps Beta

This is really cool. On some of my previous posts I've commented on the fact that I'm a big nerd about transportation, maps and urban planning. In this vein, I've become addicted to Google Maps. One problem I've encountered a lot while perusing that site, though, is the tendency to be very outdated. For instance, the Westpark Tollway has been complete all the way to the Harris County/Ft. Bend County line since about August 2005. Google Maps doesn't even show it existing past Highway 6. However, Yahoo Maps Beta does...well, at least on the satellite imagery - I guess the map gods haven't told Yahoo and Google that they can go ahead and put the road on the map - and it's my new de facto map standard. I don't know how long Yahoo has had this feature; it's been a very long time since I've used them instead of Google. But it's cool nonetheless.

So, just because of this, congratulations, Yahoo. For once you've usurped Google.


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