Friday, November 04, 2005

Sony is messing things up...

It amazes me that still no mainstream media has picked up this story yet. Apparently, one of Sony's recording labels has installed a rootkit on its cd's that is a sort of copy-protection scheme. This rootkit can potentially allow a hacker to compromise your system, but only if you play your cd on your computer. DRM, or Digital Rights Management, which Sony uses for copyright-protection, is to blame here. Now, the story is still young, but Sony was slow in putting up a patch. It seems that now Sony is making its customers go through hoops to fix it, but it just adds a different type of "spyware" on your system. What a mess.

Tomorrow is the BOA Super Regional in San Antonio, and Kempner goes on at 8:00-ish. Wish us luck.

I got on ESPN Radio today! Colin Cowherd posed the question to us: Does Kevin Federline's new CD suck? He said he couldn't judge music because he's not good at it. I heard 3 seconds of it and almost hurled. So I called, and said, "It absolute crap. It sounds like a demo tape some of my high school students would make." To that, Colin replied, "He-he, and you've got a music degree." I told his producer that I had a music degree, and I was the second caller in. Cool, huh?

You need to check out this site called Brass Bonanza. It's a site dedicated to the theme song of the former NHL team Hartford Whalers. Go to Audio and listen to this song. It rocks! I even just downloaded it to my phone. It just replaced ESPN's theme to SportsCenter.

Gotta go. Have a great weekend.