Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas! I know, it's been a long while. Sorry. Jen and I have done a lot since my last post. Thanksgiving was spent in Longview with her family, and we just got back from Chicago for a long weekend trip. I'll post pictures soon. Now we're back in Longview for the holidays, and will be in Austin and San Antonio tomorrow and Sunday, then drive back to Longview for Sunday night. A lot of driving, but I don't mind. I love driving! Jen just sits in the seat cross-legged and listens to Alanis or sleeps while I listen to ESPN Radio.

We still don't know what we want to do for New Year's, but we want to go into Houston and eat at a decent place, along with our friends Mike and April. Any suggestions?

I'll update soon, with pictures.