Friday, February 24, 2006

Direction question

Hello, all. I was thinking about a direction change for this blog. I think this is more of a diary than a blog, but I don't think that's of particular interest to anyone. Now I'm sure there's only about 2 people that read this blog regularly, but I may be able to get more if I were more focused on a topic. So here's my question:

Where should I focus? My experiences as a young husband? Sports? Tech? Home Theater? I hope you take the time to read some of my earlier posts and figure out what I like or what you would like to see.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Back home

Sorry it's been a while. I just got back Sunday from San Antonio (my hometown!), site of the TMEA Convention. That's Texas Music Educators Association. It was fun seeing a lot of old college friends and fellow teachers. Plus, the drinking part is fun, too.

We stayed in the Hotel Valencia, the same hotel we stayed at on our wedding night. We got a good rate on the TMEA site for only $150/nite. We had a friend of Jen's stay, Jennifer. They were roommates a few times in college, and we have fun together. So that helped offset the costs a bit.

We got there Wednesday around 1pm, picked up Brett and ate lunch at La Posada del Rey in Alamo Heights (a local favorite), away from the tourists. I hate eating downtown, especially on the river, 'cause the food is too expensive for the crappy quality you get. ESPECIALLY MEXICAN FOOD. Nobody ever listens to me about that. So what happens is everybody's too tired to walk a bit, so we all end up going to the River for lunch, then they all complain about it, and I'm mad because no one listens to me. Then the whole day is ruined until we all go out to an expensive bar downtown and get drunk. Then they're hungry and the only place open at 2am is Mi Tierra, which also sucks but it's open. Then they complain. I hate it. I wish we all had our cars and we could go to good places, like Chris Madrid's or Alamo Cafe or Janitzio's or La Fogata, etc. But no one listens to me. Oh well. It's fun, anyway.

The convention itself was okay, but the scheduling was weird. Too many clinics that had overlapping subjects, like two percussion clinics at the same time, or three beginning band things at the same time. And then they have three hours of stuff that no one goes to, so we walk the exhibit hall and see concerts. Not bad, but I wish the scheduler would do a better job. But oh well.

So I was in SA for five days, and it was fun. Had a bunch of Mexican food, drank too much and walked a bunch. Plus I got a cold there. I didn't bring a heavy coat, and I got sick. I'm still nursing it. I'll tell you, those cold medicines don't work very well. I got that Tylenol Cold Daytime/Nighttime, and I don't feel much better. I'll try something else next time.

That's all. Good night.

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Love Hewitt!

JLH is 26 today. Can you believe it? I think her breasts are only 9 years old, though.

I told my wife that JLH's bday was today, and she reacted as usual: "I don't care; she sucks! Why do you obsess over her? SHE'S AWFUL!"
I said, "I don't obsess; I just like seeing your reaction."

It's fun, isn't it?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Can someone help me?

I have a problem, as you may be able to see. My profile and sidebar are no longer on the side of my blog; now they're at the bottom. I started a new blog called Spurs Watch just so I can compare the html of the two, and they're identical, as far as I can tell. So now I need help. Blogger won't help, since I sent them an email and they won't reply. I also deleted all the pictures that I posted about Dow, but that didn't help, either. Can you help?
Banjo tried, but we came to about the same conclusion: I can't do anything else to fix it. Maybe you can.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dow update #2

I asked a few of my students to ask their parents about the plumes I saw today. One of my kids called me back, and this is what he said:

"My dad said the smoke was a controlled grass fire at the wildlife preserve."
I told him, "Now ask your dad if that's what really happened, or if that's what Dow is gonna tell everybody."
"You know, I've watched enough X-Files to know that the truth isn't always what's said."
"I'm not gonna say that."
"Well, tell him I'm just kidding. But be sure to ask your mom, too."
"Okay. I will. Bye."

My kids are cool. I know that kid's dad, and he's a good guy. I'm not sure I buy the grass fire explanation, though. That plume was pretty well-defined and controlled to be a "controlled grass fire". I'm not saying the Dow Fire Dept. isn't good; I'm just saying that I've never seen a controlled grass fire be THAT controlled. Anyway, here's hoping you don't get rashes or the like.

Dow emissions update

I first noticed the plume at noon, and then I went back outside at 3pm when I went to Rasco Middle School for lessons. The plume was very dark, but the wind was pushing it west-northwest, towards the river. Thank goodness. But when I left Rasco for Lake Jackson Intermediate, the cloud had dissipated and became lighter in color. It looks like it's almost out, I guess. Here's a couple of pics. The first two are from the intersection of 332 and Lake Drive, next to Target, and the next two are from Lake Drive/That Way next to the Post Office, and the last one is from the Rasco teacher parking lot.

Another Dow "Emissions Event"?

I met my wife for lunch today, on Dixie Drive in Clute. On my way I noticed a large smoke plume coming from Dow Chemical. It had the shape of a mushroom cloud, but it wasn't one, of course. Lately Dow's been pretty consistent lately with "emissions events." Two weeks ago they had one, and the next two days everybody got sick with flu-like symptoms, or stomach flu-like symptoms. I had to go to the bank after lunch, and the cloud kept getting bigger. I finally get home, and the cloud keeps getting larger and darker. I put the radio in my car on 1610 AM, the local emergency station. Nothing, yet.

Here's how the cloud looks at my house:

Monday, February 06, 2006

I hate small talk.

I hate small talk. I grew up in a big city (San Antonio), where everybody's cold and uncaring, but went to college in east Texas (SFA), where you HAVE to talk to everybody about everything.

I'm walking in the store (not Wal Mart), and accidentally make eye contact with a former acquaintance...
Him: "How you doooooin'?"
Me: (sigh...) "Fine, and you?"
Him: "Faaaaahhhhhnnnnne!"
Me. (whew, that was close!) "Alright!"
Him: "See Ya!"

I hate that one. I never ask people how they're doing. I don't care. I just nod and say hello, or if they ask how I'm doin', I say "well, thanks!" and keep walking.

It's not that I'm a prick; no, I just don't want to ask the wrong person how she's doing and she proceeds to tell me about her irritable bowel syndrome or her aching back.

Then there's the professional small talk. You know, you're with a business partner or fellow worker and he introduces you to his acquaintance with another company or some other networking ploy:

George: "Bob, this is Sam, head of engineering at Dow..."
"Pleased to meet you, Sam, I'm Bob, associate crap inspector at BASF."
"Oh, really, what does that position entail?"
"Oh, it's no big deal; I just try to sound smart, and for some reason those idiots pay me a bunch of money."
George: "Sam, Bob here just got the new ACME Super Crapolater 3000 at the office."
"Really! I've always wanted to try that one. I only have the 1500."
blah, blah, blah.

That one is so tedious. Not only do I have to talk about work, but now I've got TWO tools talking about work with me! Damn.

And my ultimate pet peeve is when I see family or friends, and they all have to rehash old stuff.
Brian: "Dave, man, remember when we were in seventh grade and you set Sally's hair on fire?"
"Yeah, that was funny 15 years ago."
"Yeah, but, man, that's still funny now. Think she's forgiven you, yet?"
"Well, her newest wig fits her better than the last one..."


Mother-in-Law: "Charles, now, have you met y'alls neighbors, yet?"
"No, and we didn't meet them 19 months ago when we first moved in, either. I think I'll wait until they all move so Camilla and I can start over and meet our newer neighbors. If I went over there now, it would just be weird now."
"Well, I think it's good that you meet your neighbors so you can watch each others' houses or something like that if needed."
"Well, last time I did that, I ended up never seeing my lawnmower again."
"Uh, huh. Camilla, I saved the Lifestyle Section for you. You wouldn't believe the wedding announcements in there this week! (Yells to her husband) Honey, wasn't church nice, today?"
Her Husband: "Yes, dear, sure was."
Mother-in-Law: "Anyway, Camilla, did you see Linda Johnson's dress? Isn't that the ugliest thing? I saw her mother in church this morning, and she was wearing the ugliest blouse...and I couldn't believe that Louise Parker came with her new boyfriend; on a SUNDAY! The nerve!"
Me: "Casting the first stone, are we?"