Sunday, March 18, 2007

What's been happening?

Since I last posted, I've done a few things here and there. I went golfing with a few friends at Plantation Golf Club in Frisco. At first it was just ok, but the back nine won me over. Every hole is between houses in an upper middle class neighborhood built in the late 80's, so the course is kind of aging. The front nine had fairways that weren't in pristine shape, and the greens weren't too nice, either. Not what I expected from an EAGL-managed facility. But as we went on, the quality increased, and I ended up happy. Favorite holes were #10, #11, and #13, which I nearly aced by a foot (the ball kept rolling towards the hole, but got stopped by an unfixed ball mark. That's why I fix all of mine). Sank the birdie putt, though.

Then Spring Break came, and I took Jennifer to Longview, came back that night for Planation, hung out with the guys, then went back to Longview for Sunday night. The next day we went to Little Rock to visit the Clinton Presidential Library. I'll give all the details about that trip on MySpace.

As far as golf, didn't get much done over the break. Jen started insisting that I play too much, so I let the foot off the gas a bit. Went on Thursday afternoon, though, after the boring first games of the tourney. All my usuals were booked, so I went to Rockwood, which I wrote about here, and it was pretty much wide open. Called my buddy Casey, a Marine stationed at NAS-Ft. Worth, and he met me up there. We were teamed up with a Navy guy from Oklahoma, and he was pretty cool. I didn't do very well that afternoon, so we just drank beer and went for broke on each hole.

But then Jen wanted to see an old friend who was on her way across the country, and she was going to stay in Longview. So she made me take her. I insisted that since I was doing that I was going to play golf, eat, watch UT, then we'll go home. That worked out. So we got there, ate lunch, and she dropped me off at Wood Hollow, which I wrote about here. I did much better this time, with a 109. I know, that still sucks, but compared to like 130-140, I'd say I'm improving. Best hole was #2, where I smoked the tee shot about 200 yards, and then hit a nice approach to the green with a 3-iron, but was still about 60 yards short. A nice PW shot put me in position for par, and wouldn't you know it? I two-putted. So pissed. But it went that way all day, which is better for me considering how I was playing only six months ago.

Oh, I took my driver out of my bag, and it'll stay in my garage for at least another month. Gonna try to get some good swings and distance with my woods until then, and once I feel ready, I'll put the driver back in. I'm hoping for an eventual 240-yard drive with my 3-wood. We'll see.

Hoping for Iron Horse this week with a coupon, then Fossil Creek this weekend with another coupon. I'd also like to try Lost Creek with a free round I got at the North Texas Golf Expo, which sucked. All that hype for what amounted to five real golf vendors and 15 casino, resort and hotel booths. Rip-off. But I got some coupons...